Thursday, May 19, 2005

Voices in the Wilderness called Washington

We are now ready to listen to the minority party filibuster, having forgotten that they lost the last election. The filibuster is long overdue for extinction. It was used to maintain "Jim Crow" in the south so it's an engine for maintaining the status quo as well as avoiding "stacking the courts". I'm certain that our Congress, overpopulated with lawyers as it is, will succeed in finding new ways to circumvent whatever rules they dislike. Since the Democrats lost the election, the voices of the citizens have spoken. They chose the current controlling party and it's platform, therefore let the programs fall as they may. The majority supposedly rules and they have ruled.
An interesting aside; If you look up the definition of filibusterer in the dictionary, there are other meanings. ie. to act as a freebooter, buccaneer, or irregular military adventurer or better yet, one who engages in an unlawful military expedition into a foreign country. Strange how the shoe sometimes fits the wearer, isn't it?


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