Thursday, June 02, 2005

New Jersey Elections

New Jersey is about to embark on a charade called primary elections. This process allows the "chosen ones" (by the party bosses) to stand for a beauty contest. The outcome of which will lead to the general election where New Jersey voters will chose the politico who offers the most promises. These promises, of course, will state that the other guy will have to pick up the bills for government services. The loser in all of this "process" is the poor slob who believes that getting the other guy to pay is what politics are all about. Unfortunately, the unwashed are getting taken to the cleaners because the real motivation in the state of New Jersey is to arrange sweetheart deals that enrich the pockets of the politically connected. Good government is a theoretical entity in New Jersey, the few practicioners that exist are swamped by the greedy and self-serving remainder.
Of course we have the self-funded (liberal-socialist) candidates who believe that government is the mother and father of all those who are of voting age.These politicians haven't looked over the horizon to see that the countries that practice liberalism are in deep do-do. Just examine France, Germany or the Scandinavian countries and see where their socialist governments have taken them. All play and little work makes for poverty folks. Or worst yet, a government overthrown by citizens seeking the ultimate government (read Santa Claus).


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