Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Our Ports

The looming crisis over our ports paints an interesting picture of the machinations of government. The president says that he didn't know of the deal until it hit the papers. The obscure government agency that made the decision was led by a former head of CSX. CSX, a port operator, was sold to the Arabs after the former head left for government employ. Now it seems to me that something smells, and not in Denmark. Regardless of all the missives from the Arab sheiks about how they will protect our interests, I find this hard to believe. The reasoning is quite simple; The Arab sheiks will not be doing the work of running this business. They will hire employees to do the grunt work and it is among these people that a "bad guy" plant could operate. Operating from the inside, he could find out what the inspection procedures are in American ports and come up with a plan to slip whatever into the country. Since only 5% of shipping containers are ever inspected, his position to observe the processes would open the terrorist door quite nicely. Ergo, don't let the Arabs run any of our ports.


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