Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thoughts about our new President

Haven't written for a while and it seems appropriate to comment on the results of our just completed election. I, for one, am disappointed by the outcome because I don't like the associations our president-elect had. I have to discount the rhetoric of the election period because it is mostly PR generated and aimed at the masses who choose to believe what they are fed as opposed the those who try to delve into the character of the candidate. I listened to my father as I was growing up and one of his favorite refrains was that you judge a person by the associations they keep. Simply put, pigeons on a power line don't include hawks. With some thought, this appears to be a law of nature; chickens don't roost with the fox, minnows don't swim with the game fish, gazelles don't sleep with the lions, etc. So when I look at the associations that Obama has enjoyed at length, I am left to wonder about his true character. His associations with Ayers, Rev. Wright, Rezko, etc. make me wonder if he is a creature of the far left with a little opportunist thrown in. His studies in college included a very large component of socialist, Marxist writings. His rhetoric about our founding fathers not writing the proper Constitution by not stating what government should do instead of stating individuals rights fits this mold. We are going to go through a very interesting four years and while he has a Democratic majority, he also has many mavericks that won't buy significant socialism.
One thing for certain, Obama has avoided leaving a discernible trail in his political career so far. What he is about to find out is something that Harry Truman postulated years ago, that is in the Presidents office, The Buck Stops Here. Obama is now at the top of the power pyramid in this country and he has now where to go but down from there. Every major problem will boil up to his level and stick, he will be tested by every SOB in other countries that dislike the US. Using the worn out phrase, the phone rings at 3am, I hope he's a light sleeper.
Obama has an enormous burden in that all blacks will be measured by his successes or lack thereof. If he doesn't succeed he will set back the black community 50 years or more because many of his admirers are very young and have short lived patience as is typical of the Ipod, text messaging set.
The Democratic party is now in a hot spot, simply because with a Democrat President and Democratic controlled Congress there are no other parties to blame for failures. They have succeeded in painting themselves into a corner of their own choosing, from which there is no escape.


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