Monday, February 09, 2009


Our new president's socialist gimmick, better known as a stimulus package is pathetic. It is a quickly conceived, unplanned dole of future generation's wealth. There is virtually nothing in this bill that will sponsor long term sustainable growth. It is the financial equivalent of a band aid placed on a major wound. This "feel-good" giveaway will satisfy the portion of our population seeking instant reprieve from financial doom. But, like the movie script that it was taken from, when the lights come on, the problem remains.

There is no semblance of a solution in this bill, it does not address the fundamental problems of the economy. The problems are manifest and as I see them they originate with the concept that the government is the source of wisdom. Quite the contrary, the government is a primary cause of our problems. It tries to combine political solutions with practical economic solutions and succeeds in accomplishing neither. Simply put, the engine of our economy are businesses large and small. They create the goods and services required for growth. By choking business with excessively unreasonable rules, burdensome taxes and prolific litigation we have disenfranchised the very source of our countries wealth. When the banks and financial institutions are considered the engines of our economy, then we have taken the wrong road. Banks and financial institutions do not create goods and services, they are parasites feeding off the goods and services created by business. If there were only banks on earth and no businesses just where would such an economy be? Could you go to a bank to purchase your food? I fear not.

Our legislators should be made to understand the underlying principles of the market place instead of subscribing to political fantasy they so enjoy. We have been led off the path of self-sufficiency and down the path of dependence because dependence means re-election, the prime obligation of a politician, and self-sufficiency means independent thought. If Congress were really serious about rescuing this nation, they would fund an economic summit comprised of economists and businessmen whose task is to truly define the economic engine instead of casting untested theories before the public. This would be done before instituting an astounding spending spree the likes of which this planet has never seen.


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