Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time for some observations

Obama has been in office for about 5.5 months now and his approach is beginning to become apparent. He talks often and seems ill at ease without the presence of tele-prompters. When he talks extemporaneously, he is either uncertain of his words and thoughts or is overly cautious about the content of his words. Regardless, while some may believe him to be an accomplished speaker, I feel that he is merely good at presenting that which has been installed on the prompters. As for the content of his
presentations, it would be very interesting to know just how much is original and how much is created by his staff. Prior to becoming president, he assiduously avoided leaving traceable tracks, essentially the man without a shadow, now he can't avoid leaving a shadow. So the question arises, is this his shadow or someone else's, someone like his chief of staff?

This aside, his "transparent government" has as much transparency as the previous government. He has not presented bills, working their way through the legislature, with any regularity or with adequate notice to the public. He has gone out of his way to play pin-the-tail on the Bush donkey as much as possible. I can't say that he acts with any degree of integrity when it comes to motives vs machinations. Underlying many of his acts is a strong socialist trend which is becoming more apparent as his term in office unfolds.

Above all, he has not, in any meaningful way, defined how he is going to keep this nation from slipping into a Weimar Republic-like inflation. The spending policies he's originating have not been matched by meaningful reductions in expenses or means of increasing income. There has been a lot of hand waving exercises and tax the wealth rhetoric absent factual explanations. The Socialized Medicine being advocated is presumably funded by cutting back on Hospital reimbursements? and improved medical record keeping. I find this latter thought interesting in light of having been around during the beginnings of the "computer age revolution" that was going to eliminate piles of paperwork. After 25 years of waiting for paperwork reduction to occur, I have given up on the concept. I likewise feel that Obama's medical record program has more potential failures than successes. In particular, the basic problem of maintaining security of records come to mind. When we can't even maintain Top Secret files in secure facilities, just how are we going to maintain security of 400,000,000 medical files located in every town in the country and accessible to multi-thousands of entities?

Let's leave the national scene and look at the international arena. He has succeeded in placing Israel in a position where it has a difficult time dealing with a belligerent Palestinian enclave and a hostile Iran, for what purpose? He has a nasty problem developing with North Korea that could set the tone for future negotiations with any country. If he were to act decisively with the next rocket launching such as arranging to shoot it down, it would give the North Koreans something to ponder.

I will close this chapter with a continuing observation, we have a sophomore politicians trying to accomplish wonders while his iron is hot and viable. The end result, more than likely, will be a profound fiasco that the country will hopefully survive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with what you say. And I feel that people voted for Obama because George W. Bush let everyone down. It started when Bush gave up fighting for social security reform, and went downhill from there. Now we have neocons shooting their mouthes off, and that is not helping. I can only hope that the fiscal mess will be so bad that next election, Romney will get in.

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