Thursday, September 09, 2010

Who is this President?

It has been said by learned people that one's character is developed as a result of earlier interactions with various people and situations.

We now have a President who has probably never had a callus on his hands from hard physical work. His entire lifetime has been devoid of exposure to the working class except as an "organizer" attempting to orchestrate other's lives. Has he worked alongside any of the working classes that he parades in front of with his sleeves rolled up? I doubt it. How can this "friend" of the working class be identified as anything but an opportunist seeking votes from people who are desperate for assistance. He won't release any of his personal history which makes one wonder if there is any history or is the explanation merely his ambition to alter the fabric of this nation to fit his tutor's vision of a Socialist utopia. His tutors never had to live under the control of a socialist government so they could easily visualize heaven on earth under socialism.

Obama, having reportedly spent $900,000 to defend his hidden history has succeeded in convincing the media that it's proper not to reveal his earlier though processes and writings, if they existed. Why are the lemmings of this country so afraid to ask the hard questions of their "leader"? Is it because then the curtain would be drawn back and real manipulators of the controls would become apparent? His track record up to now has been pathetic and his advisers have absolutely no idea as to what makes our economy tick. They recommend squandering piles of money at "infrastructure" jobs when the unemployed are factory workers, bankers, teachers, home builders, etc. who don't build bridges and roads. Don't these dunces in Washington look at the demographics of the unemployed before spending money that doesn't exist?

An interesting aside, we spend billions on "recovery" but do we really spend anything on understanding the American economy? We call upon the learned academic economists who apparently have no understanding of our economy and only bring their preconceived theories to Washington. In science, any theory requires experimental evidence of it's validity backed by independent verification and peer review. In Washington, we spend billions at the drop of a hat on theories without some basic experimental proof that the theories have validity.

But, yes, there is a plan, it's to tie up the union votes through financial bribery and let the 9.6% unemployment segment founder because they won't bother voting as a block. The Machiavellian plan is to tie the nation up in such debt that capitalism and free enterprise can't survive and then the wonderful world of socialism will come to our rescue. That is; rescue as in the current Greek tragedy with demonstrating masses demanding that for which they haven't worked but have been promised by vote seeking politicians. When pigs are fed at the government trough and no longer have to root, they will squeal loudly for their due, listen carefully because the squealing has started with the teacher's union in New Jersey.

Now Obama is testing the compromise route with the opposition party because he's seen the outcome of the November elections. The outcry's from the radical left wing of the Democratic party are like the squeals of stuck pigs, these are the pigs referred to earlier as missing their feeding time. Without taxpayer's funding, these liberals will have lost their lock on beholden voters and this is a disaster of major proportions. The specter of entitled individuals is being played out around the socialist, semi-socialist world.........just look at the riots in England over "free tuition", Greece over delayed retirement ages, Riots in Spain over the increase in cost of fuel and the list goes on. The point being that entitlements are a guaranteed way to induce dependency in governments and dependency is a process that corrupts people into accepting increased government control over their lives. Unfortunately, the entitled don't see the end results of this disease until they are beyond the cure.

We now have the political specter of class warfare with the ultra-liberals proclaiming that the wealthy don't pay enough. Well, let's see, the top 10% of the income earners currently pay 70% of all the income taxes collected while the bottom 50% pays in the order of 3%. Now the class warfare advocates would like to confiscate more of the high income to support their hold on the low income voters. An interesting note is that the bottom segment of earners actually receive negative taxes, they are paid by the government even though they haven't contributed.

The fact of the matter is that the entire tax code, all 13,000 pages, 9,000,000 words is beyond the comprehension of mere mortals and seriously needs to be overhauled and simplified to the level of a flat tax. Everyone from the poor under the bridges to the wealthiest on their yachts should have dogs in the fight, no one should be exempt from the responsibilities.


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