Thursday, July 14, 2005

Our "Elected Leaders"

The latest scoop out of Washington is that the Homeland Security funds are being treated as the private piggybank of the US Senate. As always, when large sums of money are presented to our "respected, elected leaders" they act like children in a chocolate factory. They can think of more constructive/destructive ways of squandering tax money than an army of gamblers in Las Vegas. The funds should rightly go to regions that are most likely to suffer terrorist attacks and not be spread like peanut butter over the country. My community, will most likely never have an attack and doesn't deserve funds. The refineries along RET 1 in New Jersey are certainly targets and deserve protection. They will probably not get sufficent funds because they don't vote and hence carry no weight until they are destroyed. At which time the petroleum supply will be severely impaired and Congress will launch a committee investigation as to the cause. Isn't it nice to live in a free country where the politicians are "free" to do what they wish because the stupid public allows it to happen.