Tuesday, May 11, 2010

He is not what he appears

In earlier posts, I stated that Obama was a sophomore in a new job as President. I think that I will have to modify that position somewhat.
He is a cunning sophomore in the President's job. While I felt that his past associations and friendships with Socialists/Marxists was something to be wary of. I think his hidden agenda has become far more obvious and is leading this nation down a path that will ultimately destroy the principles on which it was founded. He has encircled himself with academics from liberal backgrounds, which in and of itself is not the disaster.
The problem is that some of these liberals appear to be involved in some sort of cabal that has as it's purpose changing the character of our nation. It's an interesting observation that Obama himself left no discernible history permitting an understanding of his political motivation. Now he has nominated for the Supreme Court of the United States a woman who has no legal trail that clearly identifies her motivation. Yet when one examines their backgrounds, they find a clearly Socialist- Marxist series of associations free of any taint of capitalism or free enterprise education. More interesting is the fact that they both led gifted upbringing complete with highly liberal pursuits. Nowhere in their past is a signature hardship event that could cause them to follow a socialist path. What this means is that they are idealist socialists which may be the worst type since they never experienced the conditions brought about by socialism.
Having spent some time in Soviet Russia, I experienced the socialist system first hand, albeit for a short period. I was not impressed by the political system which had degenerated into a dual class citizenship arrangement. There were the very poor, scratching out a meager existence and the privileged class cruising the streets of Moscow in their Lada automobiles with the blinking blue warning lights. Soldiers were being used to do menial jobs such as installing doors and old women were employed sweeping streets with brooms. Your travel was monitored and certain modes of transportation were only available if one had "connections".
Frankly, I don't want to see us degenerate to this level and the path being laid out by our "leadership" is intent on everything for everyone as though the costs are paid by the "money tree" called the printing press.