Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Party in Power

The democrats have taken over the legislative reins in Congress. The problem is that I see no difference in their attitudes over the republicans who were just thrown out. When you reinstall the same old people carrying the baggage they have and the chips on their shoulders from 1994 , why should we expect progress.Taking lessons from Truman and Ford, when good people are assigned a job, they do a good job. When they seek a job, as in the election process, we get the political hacks that know how to operate within the system. Gaming the system as Ms Clinton and Mr Edwards are attempting to do gives us just what we deserve...garbage in-garbage out.The election process is flawed, we get to vote for the candidates that the smoky room boys and girls choose for us. Let's face it the primary elections are run by little town party hacks looking for favors and handouts. The arrangement is not designed to choose the best, only the obliging. Just look at the latest whizz kid, Obama. He probably believes that he is a chosen one judging by the fawning liberal crowd pushing him to the forefront. The problem is that he brings no baggage including any track record that he can be measured by. What we have is a saint in the making when we really need a seasoned commoner with intelligence and fortitude.