Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thoughts about Obama

Barrack Hussein Obama is posing as the answer to the problems the United States is facing. I have a problem with this vision for several reasons. First and foremost Obama is absent a third dimension, he is a two dimensional creation and refuses to turn sideways. He wants to run the most powerful nation that earth has ever witnessed yet he has no credentials to prove his value. He is glib, well spoken and polished just like a sideshow barker. He is selling "change" without defining the term. He is devoid of plans other than global glowing prose about the word.
If one searches for similarities to his approach to the presidency one has to look no further than the preacher syndrome. He stands before his audience and talks of change in loud and dulcet tones, he proclaims the evils of the current administration, he tells us that we have been following evil and should repent, he offers direction by invoking faith in his "vision" without explaining his vision in earthly terms that mere mortals can grasp. Then he asks of his devoted followers, donations to support his enterprise. Of course, his obedient followers pony up "donations" to support his "church" of change. He accumulates sycophants who go out and preach his "gospel" to the unwashed masses and draws in more of the unwashed masses who in desperation flock to his sermons.
Now explain to me, truly, what is the difference between Obama's opproach to politics and Father Divine's approach to establishing himself as a religious leader. The only thing missing is the suitcase full of money to buy a hotel. Obama has the suitcase of money, contributed by his parishioners, but he is attempting to purchase the White House.
Let's look further into this marvelous individual who represents himself the "Winds of Change". His educational background includes a Harvard law degree as does his wife's, They both belong to a strongly pro-black African church that discourages white membership. And his wife, the wanna-be first lady, bluntly states in public forum that she wasn't proud of the US until her husband became the Democratic party's front runner. Now, since she is a graduate lawyer from a prestigious university, she certainly knows how to word smith and since she read her comments from preprepared notes knew what the contents were; she said exactly what she meant.
So there you have the picture, two posers riding a wave of discontent into a position of power propelled by a population that has no concept of what lies ahead. All they have is this "faith" that this change will be for the better. What would our forefathers make of this situation after they went to the trouble and bloodshed to create a new nation with thought and vision.