Monday, March 20, 2006

Hypocracy, Washington style

Our beloved Congress has, in it's infinite wisdom, chosen to emasculate the pension reform bill working it's way through these hypocritical chambers of lobbyist seeking idiots. Their rational is that we can't cause businesses to fail by making them live up to their retirement plan promises.
Now, of course, you realize that Congress has a guaranteed retirement plan fully funded by taxpayers. For life, with cost of living adjustments! And, we poor retirees are in a position wondering whether we will outlive retirement plans, without hope of cost of living adjustments, and medical plans that are being whittled away. It doesn't matter that these companies freely entered into their retirement plans and thousands of employees based their future retirement plans on these statements. Now, of course, Congress will pass a bill telling how we can all return to our youth so that we can begin planning anew. Our Congress is a beholden ship of fools that represents only their self-interests and those that pay them off. The taxpayers be dammed, let the pensioners go back to work at Home Depot or somewhere.