Sunday, November 20, 2005

Pulling out of Iraq before the objective is taken

Now we have an ex-marine in Congress blowing off about pulling out of Iraq because the human cost is high. If this legislator thinks this cost in human lives is too high he should look at the weekly toll of auto related deaths. At last count, we murdered 850 people per week in this country via the "non-lethal" weapon called the automobile. In two and a half weeks we can knock off more people than been killed in wartime combat in Iraq in years. When soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen sign up for service, they join knowing full well that they are going in harms way and are trained accordingly. When people get in their automobiles, they have little to no training in the art of staying alive. My point being right or wrong we are in a fight and pulling out to save lives may just end up jeopardizing our country. We haven't suffered an attack since 9/11 although many have tried. If lives mean something, solve the big problems first. The fourth estate has pounded the President about lost lives but never acknowledges that many more lives are lost by other preventable means. Hypocrisy in any form is evidence of stupidity and mental blindness, especially political hypocrisy.