Monday, January 18, 2010

Continuing Thoughts

Well Obama has been in office for nearly a year and his agenda has become apparent. He has been previously described as a closet Socialist-Marxist and while he hasn't admitted to it, his push in Congress has been exactly that. His agenda is to make this country into a nanny-state with it's citizens evermore dependent on government. By accomplishing this objective, he will solidify the control that incumbent politicians have on the people.

We are already suffering from career politicians like Robert Byrd who at 92 requires a wheelchair aid to navigate the halls of Congress, suffers from palsy and has questionable mental capacity, but he votes the party line, democratic, although I don't know if he physically votes or has a aid do it. Regardless, this is just one example of the abject stupidity of a block of voters who, to avoid intelligent thought, vote party line and keep the Byrds in office.

Obama has sold the entire country down the tubes with his "healthcare plan" that has built-in pork barrel items buying votes for our perpetual politicians seeking lifetime employment in Washington. The American people, if they go along with this scheme, will be mortgaging not only their children but their grand and greatgrand children.

In addition, we have the Cap & Trade scheme which is another form of taxation, "green" energy that ignores the overall aspects of cost, anthropomorphic warming which has taken on a new name (global warming) since we have been in a cooling cycle for many years, Nuclear disarmament, which sounds more and more like unilateral disarmament, apologies to all belligerent governments for not accepting their hatred, need I go on?

The interesting thing about Obama is that when he addresses the public, which is more often than necessary, he has a strange methodology. When he is addressing us, the ignorant voters, he always casts his head from left to right to left, never pausing in the center where the audience is. Why is that,you ask? The answer is quite simple, his teleprompters are located left and right. The other observation is that he pauses at the end of each sentence presumably to let the profound message sink in, but actually it's to read the next sentence on the prompters. Oh no, you say that can't be the facts, well ponder this. When he speaks extemporaneously, his sentences tend to be incoherent as he searches for words.

As I have said earlier, he is a man without a shadow, no accomplishments in his past and no visible sign of any virtues but his oral presentations. He has bowed to more leaders of other countries than any other President of our Nation, including a bow to the Emperor of Japan that was so low that one would think Obama was a vassal.