Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Center for Corruption

Washington DC probably holds the world's, if not the universe's, greatest collection of hypocrits, on-the-take politicians, syncophants and crooks. The "holier-than-thou" grouping of beltway bandits has reached such proportions that they are spilling over into countries as far away as Iraq. When one of their own succeeds in attracting public attention, they are thrown to the wolves of public scorn while the remainder place their grubby hidden lives in the closet until the myoptic Fourth Estate destroys the offender. Of course the Fourth Estate then goes back to it's role as lapdog to the political community. If there is anything to be learned about the sorry state of American Politics, it is that the public gets precisely what it deserves and demands. Too many people are into the 20 second sound bite scene which plays into the politician's PR flunky's hands. The American Public, the great unwashed masses, don't like to have to think about who they support as candidates for "leadership positions". They much prefer taking the PR agent's advice, the advice of their political parties or the advice of their associates. A quick examination of these "sources" finds that in most instances they have axes to grind and make some sort of profit from the advice "freely given". The latest information divulged by the "Fourth Estate" concerns the state of the Coast Guard fleet ungrading scene. It would appear that the Gang from Washington has been playing in the public money pool again. They are making certain that any public tax funds that are spent to upgrade our Coast Guard is carefully guided through the hands of the sticky finger squad. Of course, the usual "culprits" will be thrown to the wolves and business will continue as usual. This is after significant resources are sucked out of the process to "grease" the Washington Wheels. But,why should we,the public,worry didn't we send our representatives to Washington to clean up the mess?